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Authentic Jamaican Restaurant


Homemade juices

There's no better choice for a quick drink than a glass of our natural homemade juice.

There are no preservatives! It just has nature's goodness in every delicious and nutritious sip! Visit us to see all the flavors we have available.

  • D&G Pineapple Soda

  • Kola Champagne

  • Cream soda

  • Herbal Teas

  • Jamaican brewed beer

  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Refreshing Jamaican Drinks

Choose from a wide range of unique beverages to complement your meal when you eat at Kingston Kafe. From Jamaican soda and homemade ginger beer to sorrel for the holidays, try something new the next time you visit.

Jamaican Beverages


moringa guinea hen weed tea sour sop tea

Organic Teas

"Promotes Health & Wellness"

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