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There's nothing we like better than being able to give back to the members of our community. Senior citizens can get 10% OFF on Tuesdays. Military members and civil servants also get 15% OFF. Teachers and teens get the same deal from Monday to Friday during the school season.

Expert preparation

With over 15 years of experience preparing the freshest Jamaican dishes in the area, our chef will treat you to a meal you'll never forget.


At Kingston Kafe, we don't cook for a living. We are living our dream of cooking delicious and healthy food for loyal customers like you.

  • Oxtail

  • Rice and peas                      Jerk Chicken

Authentic, homemade Jamaican meals

Visit Kingston Kafe between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM for amazing

lunch specials!


"Like they say in Jamaica, the real thing! Holds its own against my favorite spots in the Bronx... Impressive."

                        - Joey V., Yelp

Make sure to ask about our discounts!

Discover the true taste of Jamaica when you visit Kingston Kafe for lunch or dinner. With imported Jamaican spices, fresh ingredients, and tried-and-true recipes, our family owned and operated restaurant has something delicious for everyone to enjoy!

Dig into our most popular dishes

   .   Stew Chicken

  • Peppered steak

  • Curry goat

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